Friday, January 20, 2012

Nurse Ashley

I have many jobs here at our home. I am wife and mom, but under those broad titles fall many jobs. Chef, cleaning lady, personal shopper, story teller, accountant, interior decorator, search and rescue (when monkey is missing), landscaper, trash lady and so on ..... You get the idea. And I try to love all of these jobs with all of my heart though trash lady sometimes isn't my favorite.

Nurse was the title I took on tonight. Mr came home from work feeling quite under the weather and had been emptying the contents of his body since he left work. Sorry for the TMI. So I did everything I needed to do to make him comfortable. I sent him to bed with a bucket and a drink and gave him the bedroom to himself. In the midst of all this he thanked me for being so nice. At first I thought, "yeah you're welcome. I am being really nice". But then I thought harder. It is kind of sad that it's obvious even to a sick man that I'm being extra nice.

Sometimes God's timing is so strange to me. He used the moment to show me how I should be treating my sweet hubby all the time. Sick or not. Of course in the back of my mind I have known all along, but I certainly don't do it all the time. Mr deserves a wife who is always striving to be cheerful and willing to do what it takes to show him my love and appreciation for all the hard work he does for our family. So here is my little post about a new resolution:

To treat my hubby (and everyone for that matter) as if they are puking their guts out :)

Now that by your obedience to the truth you have purified yourselves and have come to have a sincere love for other believers, love one another earnestly with all your heart.
1 Peter 1:22

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be Moved (or be thought-provoked)

Need to be moved today? Watch this video a friend from my ss class shared on FB.

*After I posted this thought-provoking video there seems to be some very interesting opinions on it. What's yours? :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guess What....

I haven't been telling the complete truth. I may have even been lying in a way. This post is to apologize.

When I go to write a post I tend to think on it for a day or two before actually sitting down to type it. I want to make sure it will be meaningful to someone in someway. Even if it's just to me (which they mostly are). What I am sorry for is my lack of posting about the way things "really are" around my home. I don't want to come across like I have it all together and my life is all sunshine and unicorns. Although unicorns would be nice... Anyways, the reason I tend to leave the yucky parts of life out is because I don't want to be discouraging. I want to read these post over and over and remember how great the certain moment was that I was posting about. Because around here we:

*get angry
*pee on the floor (this is usually just the babies)
*hoard our things from others...usually not just the babies :(
*say mean things
*throw fits...again not just the boys ah!

This is a VERY short list that could go on for quite a while. It's just so you all know I'm not throwing a fancy table cloth over our cracked, shaky, dusty table full of love. Wanted to share what was on my heart tonight :) Love you all!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well Hello There 2012!

It's already 2012? I say this all the time, and I think it's part of growing up and also becoming a parent, but where did the time go? This year I will have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Wow! I am very excited to see what 2012 has for the Fisher family. Mr. and I were talking on the way home from MO about what our new years resolutions would be. Mine are as follows!

*Make time for my DAILY quiet time.
*Take the boys outside everyday (for just a bit if it's cold).
*Be in the moment as much as possible.
*Continue trying to live a healthy lifestyle (isn't this on everyone's list?)
*Save more for a future down payment on a house. Live like no one else so later we can live like no one else as my money guru would say :) And my dad...
*Dress up for my sweetie more just because (hey I didn't say these would all be deep)

I believe these are all do-able. I'm up for it. I'm excited to be home from our 19 day stay in MO with our families. Below are just a few of the pictures from our trip :)

The boys the night we left
Opening some presents early
Making candy at Grandma's house
Chatting with Great Grandpa about his watch
Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. Blowing out Jesus' birthday candles :) My favorite part of the night!
Christmas morning
And my sweet 3 year old singing his favorite song :)

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