Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First REAL Snow Day

On the 16th the boys experienced their first real snow day.  They had both seen snow before, but were too young to remember it so we treated this as the first time :)

Before nap time watching the flakes start to come down.
Working on the snow man.

He was so proud :)
My boys.  Landon was mad because I said we were going inside :(
They only played outside for a few minutes because we didn't have any wet weather gear and Landon refused to wear gloves.  
Playing dress up inside where it was warm :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Meeting Sister & 1st Days Home

The boys did well meeting Hadley.  It wasn't what you see in the movies or even what I had pictured, but it was real and I loved it.  Isaac was nervous to hold her, but tried for a minute.  By the end of his visit he was kissing her and wanted to take her home.  Landon was more interested in the balloon :)
When we got home we gave Hadley girl a sponge bath.  She slept through it :)  
We had a few more days with Nini and then it was just the five of us! 

First picture as a family of five.  Just keeping it real :)

Saying bye to our cook, cleaner, laundry lady, play toy, middle-of-the-night cuddler, calming Nini.
But only for a few weeks!!
Three generations of lovely ladies
(nevermind my sleepy look. I was actually holding back tears. I always miss my mom so much).

Our pretty girl

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Hadley

Hadley Marie Fisher
Friday, February 1, 2013
7lbs. 11oz.
21 inches

We are so excited to finally have our sweet baby girl here in our arms.  She is absolutely perfect!  We are doing our best to soak up every second of her sweet newborn life.  
The boys are adjusting still.  They are extra hyper which is to be expected.  We have run into a few bumps that I didn't even think to plan for, like Isaac being confused by me nursing her.  He is fine now though, thankfully, since it's pretty much an all day eat-a-thon around here.
Her actual birthday was nothing like I had pictured it, but it was still beautiful.
My c-section was moved up 4 days because I was showing many signs of labor and the doctors thought it was best to just get her on out of there.  I didn't disagree :)  Luckily my mom was able to fly right in and be here for the event.  Chance got a stomach bug with fever the day before she was set to arrive so he lovingly passed the pleasure of being at Hadley's birth to my mother so baby could stay healthy. 
Friday morning we got to the hospital around 6am and Hadley came at 8:50am.
It was a great experience even in a cold hospital operating room.  Now that a few days have passed I can get around quite well with little pain.  I'm not sure which method of birth I would prefer now, but I can say that the surgery and recovery are a million times better than I had anticipated.  Praise God!
I'll let the pictures tell the story of our few days in the hospital. 

Nini getting to cut the cord
Seeing my daughter for the first time.  A moment I will forever cherish.
Angry face and stats :)
Nini loving her granddaughter to pieces already :)
Holding my baby girl for the first time

Meeting sister for the first time the day after she was born
The day we went home
Her burping face :)  I love it!

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