Monday, January 9, 2012

Guess What....

I haven't been telling the complete truth. I may have even been lying in a way. This post is to apologize.

When I go to write a post I tend to think on it for a day or two before actually sitting down to type it. I want to make sure it will be meaningful to someone in someway. Even if it's just to me (which they mostly are). What I am sorry for is my lack of posting about the way things "really are" around my home. I don't want to come across like I have it all together and my life is all sunshine and unicorns. Although unicorns would be nice... Anyways, the reason I tend to leave the yucky parts of life out is because I don't want to be discouraging. I want to read these post over and over and remember how great the certain moment was that I was posting about. Because around here we:

*get angry
*pee on the floor (this is usually just the babies)
*hoard our things from others...usually not just the babies :(
*say mean things
*throw fits...again not just the boys ah!

This is a VERY short list that could go on for quite a while. It's just so you all know I'm not throwing a fancy table cloth over our cracked, shaky, dusty table full of love. Wanted to share what was on my heart tonight :) Love you all!

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  1. Hey I found you from Kelly's link up. I was looking for other Carolina people :) I'm cracking up at usually just the babies pee on the floor ha!


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