Saturday, March 3, 2012


Oh this blog. I think about it everyday. I am just too lazy busy to come up with an exciting blog post. We'll be home soon enough so this blog may not be needed anymore. We'll see. For now I like reading other blogs and popping into my own every once in a while. Here is what's keeping me busy :)

Isaac likes to take the camera and photograph his brother. I like Landon's serious look here.
And again :)

Isaac and his monkeys. His imagination is amazing to me :)

We went to an animal rescue farm near Fayetteville and this guy below was eating out of our hands on the trail ride. The boys loved it, but I didn't get many good photos of them.

Above is a teapot I added to my collection from the thrift store in town. Up to four. Collections have to start somewhere :)

We watched our friends kiddos a few weeks ago so they could go on a date and then switched and they did the same for us the next night. It was wonderful! These guys were loving watching Cars.

This beauty was an awesome Craigslist find. Picked it up Monday and can't say I hate it. It's beauty gives me the motivation to use it. And the few times we've been out the boys love it. I know Isaac likes that they don't have to look around the the person in front of them like our other double stroller. It glides and I can't wait to use it when Nini comes out here in a few days :)

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