Monday, February 11, 2013

Meeting Sister & 1st Days Home

The boys did well meeting Hadley.  It wasn't what you see in the movies or even what I had pictured, but it was real and I loved it.  Isaac was nervous to hold her, but tried for a minute.  By the end of his visit he was kissing her and wanted to take her home.  Landon was more interested in the balloon :)
When we got home we gave Hadley girl a sponge bath.  She slept through it :)  
We had a few more days with Nini and then it was just the five of us! 

First picture as a family of five.  Just keeping it real :)

Saying bye to our cook, cleaner, laundry lady, play toy, middle-of-the-night cuddler, calming Nini.
But only for a few weeks!!
Three generations of lovely ladies
(nevermind my sleepy look. I was actually holding back tears. I always miss my mom so much).

Our pretty girl

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