Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally Settled In

I wish the reason I took an almost 3 month break from my blog was because of moving but it was truly because of .... what is that word? Lazy? No it must have been busy. Whichever it was I'm back now :)
We truly are settled into our house and have been for a while. We love it! We have close neighbors but out the back of the house its all woods and we can just open the blinds and feel like we're out in the country.
Mr is getting into the swing at work. His unit is returning soon and he'll be moving onto his real job as a platoon leader.
The boys are doing good too. Landon baby is crawling and jibber jabbering and pulling up. He is amazing to watch. And I think Mr and I have both realized through watching Landon do all of these milestones, that we probably want more children. SOMEDAY! And sweet Isaac is just that. Sweet :) He is polite and loving and he makes my heart melt at least 5 times a day. I can't get enough of them!
I haven't met very many people here. I'm going to a PWOC bible study starting the 12th of July so hopefully that will help. We tried one church a few weeks ago and it didn't fit. We have another lined up for next Sunday. Its called Snyder baptist. We shall see :)
It is so hot here. I step outside and am immediately drenched in sweat (sorry if that's TMI)! Luckily we have graduated from the old swamp cooler and now have central heat and air which is amazing. Oh and ceiling fans help a lot.
Yesterday I cut some really pretty roses from the backyard. I love having free fresh flowers in the house. I miss our AZ friends. I miss hosting gatherings and having people to talk to and living mere feet from great people. If you guys are reading this, I miss you ALL!
That about wraps up whats new here. If you made it to the end of this long ramble I'm impressed :)

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