Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've never really understood much about politics, government, etc. I'm ok with that. But today I sat down to watch news (something I don't do) and its depressing, stressful, and a little annoying. People sitting there arguing and stuff? Not fun to watch. Also not fun to watch is when they talk about not paying the troops. I'm sure everyone knows at least a little about it so I won't talk too much on it. It wouldn't be good, that's for sure. But, we know the One who is in control of the universe and so we don't have to worry. Also....we know Dave Ramsey (although I'd like to know him a liiiiiiitle bit better ;). So I've chosen to put up some of the blessings in my life to keep my spirits up about all this stressful stuff I'm worrying about.
Please excuse the ugly hat next to baby Isaac ;)

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