Wednesday, August 17, 2011


WARNING: You may want to turn down the volume for this one. There is just a tiny bit of screaming :)

We found them together in the bathroom doing this one evening. It was pretty hilarious :)

I thought I'd go ahead and do a little post on what we did while Nini and Papa were here! Friday the boys and I went to Raleigh and picked them up from the airport. Then we had some Chik-fil-a and headed back to our house! As soon as we got there, Nini got to work (that woman can't sit still :). *backstory: when we first moved here the movers lost the parts to Landon's crib so he was sleeping in the pack-n-play* Nini found parts exactly like our crib's and bought them for $3!!!! WOW! So Buddy and her put that together! We just relaxed the rest of the night.
Saturday we went to the beach! It was so fun. We've been just the 4 of us 3 times and each time Isaac was not enjoying the water. He'd get close but he wouldn't get wet past his toes. Well he was ALL water this time. Jumping in, running into the waves. Giving me a heart attack some times but he was loving having his Nini and Papa at the ocean.
Dad and Mr running into the waves
Papa and Landon baby chilling in the shade :) This was baby's first time actually getting in the water. I'm not sure he was sold...A little family photo action :)
We went to church Sunday and then out to lunch at Red Lobster but I didn't photograph all that :)
The rest of the time they were here we just hung around and played with the boys :)
The day we took them to the airport :( It's always a little sad when visitors leave. Oh and Nini and Papa got Landon a new bedding set that matches the room he's in right now :)

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