Monday, September 19, 2011

Watermelon, Birthdays, and Picture Overload!

Hello everybody! Hope all is well! This post is so full of pictures and the descriptions and all the happenings here in the Fisher house are down towards the bottom so enjoy the view on the way down :)
On Pope AFB looking at the big airplanes and collecting pine cones.

Originally this fire pit was $79. A few weeks later it was $40. Yesterday it was $29. Good deal. Good things come to those who wait [for Wal-Mart to lower prices] on Christmas trees and fire pits :)
When the boys are alone in the kitchen, my Tupperwear cabinet takes a beating :)

Landyboo at Busch Gardens :)

Daddy and his Buddy riding the dragon at Busch Gardens :)

Aw :) LOVE!

When I was a kid and I would spend the night at my Grandparent's house, my Grandma would make popcorn in a maker like the one above and I LOVED watching it. So last year when I saw this popper in a magazine I had to have it and my sweet parents bought it for me at Christmas. Now I can share a sweet moment with my kiddos that reminds me of memories at my Grandparents :)

My handsome fellas :)

Buddy in Elmo's splash park at Busch Gardens :) We drove the 4 hours up there a few weeks ago to go with the rear detachment of Mr's unit.

We had chilli and football food the Thursday of the first game :)

Landon didn't have a huge party but he did love the one we had. Mommy's cupcakes and lots of presents! :) Still can't believe he's this old already.

Mr. came in from the backyard a few weeks ago and asked if I knew we had a watermelon. Shocking! And the real shocker was that while talking to my Grandma about it this past weekend I discovered that we actually have 3 growing! WOW!!! The above one is the medium sized one. Below is the smallest (about the size of a baseball). The last picture is the biggest which is basketball size :) Can't wait to eat them!

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