Monday, July 9, 2012

Last Vacation Home - - Part 1

     We've "gone home" for the last time.  Never again will we have to travel to our home state.  In a few months MO will be home again.  I am so grateful we're getting closer.  Our life in the Army has shown us just how important being near our families and having our children grow up there is to us.  The last few years have been exactly what we needed though.  God definitely had a plan for our little family when we joined the Army. 
     We spent a great 11 days at home.  I'll let a few of our pictures show the fun we had getting there and our first few days!  

Our good little flying boys

Seeing Papa for the first time.  Buddy kept saying "I missed you so much Papa!"

Playing at Nini's and Papa's

Playing at the park

Swimming at Aunt Lisa's with Aunt Rayna

Issac wasn't a fan of going in deep so he chilled on the steps or walked around
One of our first stops was my Mom's parent's house.  Landon was excited to see the tractors.

Seeing them for the first time

Happy guy

Driving with Nini

Playing with Great Grandpa Marvin

Being silly with Nini and Papa

Their favorite activity :)


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