Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Vacation Pictures

     A few days after we got there Chance and I headed to Branson to spend a couple days at the lake with my best friend Emilee and her family.  It was a blast and one of our favorite parts about being home.  I spent my summers growing up at the lake with my family and Emilee's.  I love the relaxing and the chatting with my bestie :)  I can't wait until our kids are older and we can all camp together.  Someday :)
My silly man 


Chance and Em's hubby Daniel jumped off the cliffs.  They were very high since the water was down.  That's Chance in mid-air.

Chance trying to ski :)
(He'll love me for posting this one)


Em and I showing everyone how it's done.  Emilee can only "ski with one ski".
 Show off :)

The morning of the 4th we watched Nini run in the town's 5k

Buddy helped Nini run across the finish line! He was in heaven :)

The boys did a lot of playing outside even though it was warm.  The boys loved all of Papa's riding toys

We also visited my Grandpa who is staying in a home in my hometown.  He was doing great and I was really glad we had the time to see him :)

     The rest of the 4th we spent playing outside.  The boys walked in a parade and Meemaw and Aunt Rayna came to watch and then out for ice cream.  Then we took Landon home to sleep and Chance and I took Isaac to see the fireworks.  I forgot my camera in the car but Isaac just had a huge grin on while watching.  It was a joy to watch :)

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  1. looks like a fantastic start to Summer! family vacations are the best :)

    happy weekend!


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