Monday, September 3, 2012

2 Years

I distinctly remember that it was YESTERDAY that they handed this sweet bundle to me.
At least it feels like yesterday...

Blowing out the candle

Trying to get a picture together

What he did when we said present time

More excited about the Mickey plane from the cake than the big toy under that wrapping paper :)
such a little boy

It's your second birthday my sweet baby Landon.  You get sweeter everyday!  If you could snuggle all day next to me you would be satisfied.  You still lay your head on my shoulder when I pick you up.  Words are flowing from your mouth!  They never stop, just like your brother :)  Our lives are brighter and sweeter because we get to have you as our baby.  I love that you are growing up, but it does make my heart stop a little to think of how fast the time with you is flying.  We all love you so much sweet boy.  Here's to another great year with you Landon!

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