Saturday, August 25, 2012


 When they say time flies, they weren't lying.
4 years ago when Buddy was born I remember talking to Chance about how fun it was going to be watching him play sports someday.

Today was such a day.
Kind of...

After getting there, we were informed there was no coach.
I gladly accepted the position!
I wish I'd had time to prepare but there is always next week.

And so the season of 3-4 year old soccer begins!

Before we left the house.  He is so grown up!

Using his skills :)

Here I am explaining that we have to share the ball.  He  is used to having his ball to himself at home so it will be an adjustment, but I thought the picture was funny.

It looks like there is just chaos.  It was kind of like that.  We shared the field with another team and parents were everywhere.  It will definitely be more organized next week :)

More skills :)
Oh he melts my heart.  He was waiting his turn to dribble and shoot.  My little soccer player.
Auntie Em would be proud!

And just so you know he's still here!  He and dad played and took all the pictures today.  I think Landon loves the alone time with Daddy :)

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