Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a fantastic Christmas!  I just forgot to take pictures..

Luckily the reason for that is because I was in the moment and enjoying the family we had here.  Hopefully I can get some of my parent's pictures from them.  

We played lots of games.  Built with lots of blocks.  And ate! :)

The boys really enjoyed the presents they received.  Isaac's favorite was a game called Doggie Doo.  Yes, it is what it sounds like.  We tried to talk him out of it for months (literally), but finally decided not to fight it and let the boy have his fun.  The game is hilarious.  I'll take pictures the next time we're playing :)  Landon's favorite was a vacuum.  His reaction when he opened it was priceless!  He screamed "VACUUM!  VACUUM!" over and over.  Another time I was in the moment and didn't record.  He has been cleaning ever since :)  

Christmas afternoon we made Jesus a strawberry birthday cake and decorated it.  Standing around as a family singing Happy Birthday to Jesus was a special moment (that I didn't photograph either).

Here is what I DID take pictures of :)

Nini had only been here 5 minutes and they already had her outside playing :)

Watching monster truck videos on Papa's computer

Relaxing with Maggie Dog

Fixing things with Papa

Enjoying the nice weather :)  Our last warm Christmas in NC

Right before the boys woke up on Christmas morning.  All was calm...for a few minutes :)

Stockings.  I can't believe we have 5!
  Very thankful :)

I'll do a baby update soon since sister will be here in less than 6 weeks!  I am SO excited!

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