Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Already?

I think I start every post with how much time is flying.  So I won't do that this time...

It's almost Christmas which means we're about 12 days away from more visitors!  I don't know who Isaac is more excited to see.  Nini and Papa or Maggie dog.

The boys have been a handful lately.  They just want to fight and whine a lot.  I'm hoping it's a phase that passes by the end of January since we'll have enough noise from a newborn to keep us busy :)

As crazy as they are though, they sure are cute.  Something I'll never get over.  I could look at them all day!

Building a boat

Super Landon

Giving Daddy a group massage while he reads.
Doesn't he look so relaxed ;)

Attempting a cute little photo session

Pulling hair.  I swear they do love each other.

See :)

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