Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our first Christmas back home was a success!
The kids had a blast and were only spoiled a little ;)
We are so grateful to be around our family to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.
It has always been a blessing to have babies this time of year, because when I hold them, I think about what Mary must have felt holding Jesus on that night.  It's always special :)

Here are the kids watching a Christmas movie the night before Christmas Eve.  They planned the floor bed, not I.

I don't think they love her.....

Christmas Eve evening at Grandma's

My Christmas clown princess.  Such a cutie!

Sitting with Aunt Kathy, not being loved on at all....

Christmas Eve morning at Mom and Dad's.  It was chaotic, but super fun to see the kids getting older and having fun together.

Sweet cousins.  I cannot wait to see them grow up together!

How many more years do you think we'll be able to put them in matching pajamas?
I'm thinking 10 or 11.

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