Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 Weeks!

I am sooo excited to move! Have I mentioned that yet? Ha ha I guess maybe I have. There is so much to do before we leave Arizona but that isn't keeping me from being excited (obviously). Mr has 3 real days of class and then he is done! I'm so proud of him for getting to this point. I know he is ready to be done. Now on to the real Army!

Nini is flying down here to help us drive the 1200 miles home to Missouri in two weeks from today. Did I mention there is only 2 weeks? :) We're excited about that.

The boys are good too. I've added a bunch of pictures of them. The one below of Mr and Isaac in the driveway is a cute story. They're running because Isaac's kite just flew out of his hands. We tried to catch it but it ended up in the neighbor's tree. Needless to say Buddy was upset. We'll get him a new one in a few weeks closer to Easter.

The picture above is of Isaac figuring out how to pedal his tricycle. Very smart boy!

Mr scheduled our stuff to be packed and shipped yesterday. Hopefully they can get it all done on the 18th and we can leave the morning of the 19th after inspection and picking my mom up from the airport.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day. It's in the 70's here and I've been laying out everyday for a week or so. I'm going to be nice and dark by the time I come home in..... 2 WEEKS!

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  1. The boys are looking good. 2 weeks wow see ya then. Dad


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