Sunday, April 3, 2011

29 Years

Today my parents are celebrating their 29th anniversary! Wow! We just wanted to give them a short little post here to say how blessed we all are to have them as an example of Christ's love.

They are amazing parents, grandparents and friends.

We hope you two have fun fishing today and that you have many more anniversaries to come!

We love you very much and can't wait to see you soon!

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  1. Thank you Fishers for posting our 29th Anniv. We are truly Blessed. No fish yesterday but a great time with Grandma Punkie, Cheryl and Dave. We went out on Stockton Lake in Daves boat in 40 MPH winds. 2 minute ride hid behind a bluff fished for 45 minutes pulled out went and looked at the Goodmans land by 4 wheelers and then drove to a place we could see an eagles nest very close with one baby (big as a small chicken) hummm wonder if they taste like chicken? cant eat them they are protected. Going to hang with Sara and the Weir brothers this eve. Looking forward to hanging with the Fisher boys very soon! Grandpa and I have heard grandma say many times can hardly wait. See ya soon Papa/Dad


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