Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is it cold ANYWHERE?

Well inside my house it is, but the boys and I are so extremely tired of being cooped up in the house. Mickey Mouse is getting old and all the coloring books are filled. All the trucks have been driven and stuffed animals thrown. We're ready to go outside and roll in the dirt and blow bubbles. We do get to do these things but not until about 8pm when its almost bearable outside. Really fall, you can get here anytime. Don't these scarecrows look happy?

I lost a pound! Since last Thursday. It just happened that I made the ticker the day before my weekly weigh in so I got to change it! Lets hope I get to move it in the same direction next week :) Yesterday I did the first day of C25K on the treadmill. It really wasn't bad at all. Today I plan on doing a Netflix video when the babies take their afternoon nap. I also plan on finding my camera cord to start putting pictures on this new computer :) so my posts aren't so blah!

I have found one of my trouble spots. We've been having good healthy meals here lately and last night we had homemade vegetable soup (I know "soup when it's 100 degreees out!?!" but I had a sore throat and it's cold inside with the air on). So after eating this veggie soup that was 2 WW points+ for 2 1/2 cups my mind started telling me that because my dinner was so little and that I had ran earlier in the day that I deserved some Baskin Robins (to help my throat of course). So we went to BR and I had a one scoop sunday that was delicious no doubt. Then we get home and I start feeling guilty and terrible and went to bed just feeling crummy that I did that. How do you guys get over those feelings? The feeling of thinking you deserve a fattening treat because you worked out hard and also the feeling of crummyness after you eat that treat? I definitely need to find a way!


  1. congrats on your one pound loss! Keep it up!

  2. I get stuck in the "reward" food too. I'd say, when you want a treat, put the $$ you would have spent on it in a drawer & later buy some cute shoes or new jeans when your old ones are too big!


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