Thursday, July 7, 2011

Natalie Grant - Your Great Name

I assume that came to read my blog now because you had a few free moments. Well since you're here I thought I would share with you a song that spoke to my heart today. I love when God gives me special moments with just Him and I. On the way home from the grocery store this morning both of my kiddos had fallen asleep. As I pulled into the garage this song by Natalie Grant came on. So I took the opportunity to sit quietly alone in my car and worship my Lord. This song reminds me that God is in control of EVERYTHING and he is the most powerful and loving.

WOW! I hope you enjoy that song as much as I do. In other news, we are doing great here. Mr just finished a four day weekend which was wonderful. We watched fireworks from our backyard on the 4th. Buddy loved them. It was thundering last night during a storm and he kept going to the backdoor asking to go out and watch the fireworks. We went to a new church Sunday. We really enjoyed it. The kids has a great time interacting with other little ones which I love. Mr and I sat behind a very sweet Army couple. Jeff and Shannon were their names. They made us feel very welcome. We enjoyed the worship and the sermon and we plan on going back this next week to try the contemporary service. I love the feeling of having a church home and maybe someday soon we'll call Snyder our church home. Other than that, the boys are doing great as usual. Landon is pulling up on everything and we assume he'll be walking before Nini and Papa get here in August! We'll see! Mr is in charge of planning a Hail and Farewell dinner for an officer in his unit and so we get to go to an event! Fun. August 2nd! That means a new cute outfit! Right babe? haha! Hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!


  1. I love that song!

    Thanks for following my blog. I now follow yours!

  2. Thank you for sharing this song and I took your lead and spent the time talking with God as the song played! You aresuch an awesome child of God! Thanks for blog telling everyone my age. lol. I spent the night with the Weir boys all three and Sara. Bryce cook fish and Sara made a salad with Olive Garden dressing. The meal was great! Then Aidan and Sara made cup cakes and had one candle for my birthday! Love Dad

  3. Next time I comment I will double check my spelling etc... before I post it. Oh well as you shared I am 50 yrs old today! (Thank you God) I should be able to mess up a bit from time to time.


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