Sunday, November 13, 2011


Recently I have been pulled to books, verses, and stories about contentment. I am currently reading Reshaping it All by Candace Cameron Bure. And just in case you're looking for a good read on physical and spiritual health, this is it! Sometimes I struggle with not being content with my clothes, house, family size, spiritual life, food choices, etc. You name it, I've struggled over it! Candace says something that encourages me and give me something to strive for in relation to what I eat.

"God calls us to be content, and contentment cannot abide with greed, nor can it abide with self-pity. A content person will be just as happy to eat an entree in a restaurant as she will a salad on the go. I've learned to appreciate abundance, and I've learned to also appreciate those times when I've had to skip a meal or grab a granola bar as I'm heading out the door."

This may not make tons of sense to everyone, but I like putting it here to encourage and for me to look back at. It took me 4 days to write this post. I started it feeling strong and believing that God wanted me to share what was on my heart. Then I started to get stressed. About a blog post I know. Kinda lame, but whatever! After mulling it over with myself for days I decided to just do it. Sometimes I let the devil trick me into believing things about myself and my relationship with God that aren't true. On this blog for example, I don't post things often about my faith because I'm afraid my past will make people laugh at my post. I know God has forgiven me, but will others? Is my walk with God not strong enough to share about what he's teaching me through my bible reading? Thoughts like these keep me from posting things that might actually touch someone or speak to them or lead them closer to Christ. Well here is just a glimpse of something I've been thinking about and sorry for rambling. Hope you all are having a great Tuesday. It's like a Monday here since Mr. had a 4 day weekend :) And before I go, here are the babies who melt my heart at least once a day.

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