Saturday, November 26, 2011


Our first Thanksgiving alone as a family of 4.
I have to say it was more wonderful than I thought it would be.
Not that being with my guys isn't wonderful all the time. I was afraid I'd be sad and missing family and all.
But I wasn't. Not a bit really.
We had a great day. We watched the parade. I cooked. Chance peeled potatoes and apples.
Then we stuffed our faces ate a nice meal of mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, glazed ham, and apple pie :)
We watched football and set up our Christmas trees.
It was a great Thanksgiving!

Here is our main tree in the evening :)

Our dinky tree. I'm not sure it'll stay up. I don't want to buy any Christmas stuff now. I'm waiting until after the holiday for cheap decor. I know now (after scoring the tree above for 80% off 5 days after Christmas last year) that waiting is totally worth it. The ornaments on the tree are why it's up. They are from my best friend. She bought them at a vintage shop. I love them and they mean a lot to me and they need to be up. So we'll see. They may get put up another way somewhere else in the house.

Our stockings. They also won't be hung this year. First time having a mantle and I'm waiting for after holiday sales to get the PEACE mantle hanger from Target :)

The best friend mentioned above. She gave me this ornament when we were seniors I think. Isn't it terrible that it was long enough ago the I can't remember right? Sheesh!

This used to be on my parent's tree. It's one of the things my mom let me have when I first moved out to decorate my tree. Starting December 1st there will be a chocolate in there every morning for Isaac to discover. He loved it last year. Landon will start next year. Right now he's learning to leave the tree alone. Doing pretty good so far :)

The boys' hand prints from the past two years. Now that I have the tree I realize my skirt doesn't match too well. I'll most likely get a new one after the holidays and trace these to the new one. We'll see. For now I melt every time I look down at it :)

Daytime tree :)

And the sweet, handsome men who God has blessed me with. I look at them each day and I can see God's love for me. I am so thankful for my Savior who sent his Son to die for my sins. And then he gives me these three guys? I am so loved and I hope that you may also know of His love for you.

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  1. Bahahaha i love that one of me and maggie! It still makes me laugh :)

    ps, you'll be home in ooooooo about 20 days!


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