Friday, April 20, 2012

Christmas Morning

I never thought I could feel this way about something that used to be
so dreadful.

But tonight I can't sleep.  I want to sleep.  I want tomorrow to be 
here NOW!

Tomorrow before lunch, my family and I are going here:

to run 4 miles!

How did I not know this beautiful path existed in my town?

Because I just became a runner!  And I plan on spending many a run here!

It's 4 miles one way with mile markers, paved, 10 foot wide, along the river, shaded, patrolled, and gorgeous!

I rigged my old camera up too to work so I can take some pictures tomorrow.  I'd take a picture

of how it's broken, but you know.....

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  1. that sounds like perfection!! i much prefer to run outside than on a track inside.

    good luck :)


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