Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Auntie Em

Last week we had a very special guests at our house!
Auntie Em!
Her hubby sent her here as a Christmas present to her (and me it felt like)!

Even though we aren't super exciting here, it was so nice to spend some time with my best friend and for the boys to have someone who can actually get on the floor and play :)
Besides relaxing, we did some shopping, eating out and went to a rescue zoo.

My beautiful friend and two of my babies :)

Playing with her IPad.  They were addicted!

Wake up and first thing they did was beg for the IPad.  Such a good Aunt :)

Checking out the animals via tractor ride.
The boys jump at any chance to ride on a tractor!

Feeding the animals.  Landon was making sure they knew where he'd thrown his bread.  His voice melts me.  So sweet :)

Emilee helping Landon see some Madagascar type animals

My husband trying to feed Isaac to a HUGE snake.  I had to zoom way in to get this picture as I was trying to get Chance to come back.

I also have to add that I feel very blessed to have Emilee as my best friend.  We have been that way for 21 YEARS! WOW!  Love ya dude!

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