Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby Update

We're getting so close!  At 35 weeks I'm to the point where I have trouble thinking of anything except meeting our baby girl.  I remember with Landon that a week or two before he was born I was so annoyed that my brain wouldn't think of something else.  Hopefully I can avoid that feeling.  I am still able to do everything I normally do.  I'm not sure how much longer that will last.  She is already residing in my ribs due to my short torso :)

As far as the nursery goes, it's non-existent.  Since she will sleep in the bassinet next to our bed for longer than we have left in this house, we aren't setting up a room for her here.  But she has everything she needs to make a cute nursery when we get a place in MO.  I finished all the projects I needed to before she arrives.  Her glider is covered in pretty new material, my best friend and her mom made the mobile, the changing table/dresser is stocked and ready.

35 days until my due date.  Both boys were born before their due date.  We'll see what happens!  I can't wait!

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