Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've never been good at waiting.
And I've been the worst at it each time I've been waiting for the best gifts ever. 
Our babies.

With Isaac it was waiting for him to be healthy enough to come home from the NICU.
With Landon it was waiting (almost too long) in the Arizona heat for him to make his debut.
And with sweet Hadley it is waiting for her scheduled day of arrival.

But will we be waiting much longer????
We don't know.  And it's killing me!
I went to L&D yesterday because I hadn't been feeling her move.  She is doing perfect though!  

I am dilated to a 4 and was having regular contractions last night.  They have slowed down today.  It would be nice to make it at least until the weekend when my mother will be here, but I know we don't get to decide.
And it is REALLY hard to not want her here now.  I would have had her last night if it was my choice :)
So around here we are just waiting.  While waiting we are building trains, reading books to our brothers and enjoy the mid 70 degree weather.

6 days or less!

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