Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I have so many fathers to be thankful for today and everyday.
My heavenly Father, earthly Father, my children's Father, my Father-in-law and my Grandfathers have all been solid rocks in my life.

To my Daddy:
Thank you for being the best Dad ever.  Seems cliche but that is truly how Sara and I feel about you.  Besides being the most giving man I have ever met, you love our babies.
All papa's are fun, but you take the cake.  Our babies can't wait until the next time you'll be around and love to see you pull in the driveway  They know fun is about to begin.  Thank you for being an amazing example of God's love for us.  We love you!

To my children's Daddy:
Where do I begin?  You are an amazing man you loves his babies more than life itself.  You have and still do whatever is necessary to take care of our children (and me) and that is something I will always admire.  You are so involved in making sure our kids grow up to be loving, disciplined, God-following people.  I couldn't ask for anything better in a Dad.  Thank you for being you.  Your three kiddos and I love you more than anything! 

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