Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I like it! I love it!

The title is this because I recently found out my husband is a hillbilly. Enough on that.

This weekend ended well. Sunday Isaac found his sweet self again which made this house happier. The biggest news is that we have a house in NC waiting for us!
We can't wait to get there and move into a house with carpet! I reeeeally miss carpet. We leave here in 21 days!!!!!!! Anyways, that is what is new today. Finally got orders Friday. Oh and on a sad note, our poor Jayhawks didn't survive on Sunday. Shocking but I still love them and so do my boys. I got a letter from my Grandma today. Pretty much made the day awesome! And we had steak and potatoes out on the patio for dinner. That was also nice. I'm watching Mr cuddle with Isaac on the couch and it makes my heart melt. It also makes me sleepy. So I'll post more tomorrow or Thursday. Enjoy some pictures from our weekend!

Our dresser before and after. I honetly know nothing about an awesome paint job and cool techniques but I think it'll do for a while until I get the courage to do something like this again.


  1. Ha ha the video makes me think of the time i did that to isaac when he was itty bitty! needless to say landon likes it alot more than buddy lol. ps love the house and the dresser!!

  2. . . . And the new furniture :)

  3. . . . O and the boys are getting sooooooo big:) adorable as always!!!


  4. Well I did this once but not sure why it didnt post? Good morning Ashley. How are you feeling now? The house in the Carolinas is sweet. I am sure you and your boys will injoy the time in NC. Your dresser is awesome! The photos of the three fisher boys are awsome as well. Looking forward to your visit later this month. God Bless all four of you. Love Dad:-)


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