Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What I'm loving Wednesday again with Jamie!

I'm loving Pinterest! I'm not sure I'm doing it right but I'm enjoying what I am doing which is getting lots of inspiration for crafts and future decorating!


I'm loving season 3 of Parenthood. It doesn't come on until 10pm which is a bummer but I love it enough that I'd watch it even if it came on at 2am :)


I will soon be (in a week) loving my position in Mr's company as the FRG hospitality volunteer :) I'm excited to get involved, meet the ladies in the company and I love whipping up welcome baskets for new comers :) should be right up my alley!

I'm loving playing trucks with my little guys. Here are their favorites :)

I'm loving that the high tomorrow is 62! Yay!

And as always I'm loving life with this man. He is truly amazing and I don't praise him enough for what he does for our family. Thank you for leading us babe :)


  1. hi ashley! thanks for stopping by my blog and being a new follower!!

    i love playing with cars/trucks/trains with my nephew B. :)

    parenthood is a great show, it is highly underrated, too.

    great Bible verse in your banner :)

  2. You are the best daughter in the world :) And I plan on writing you a $1,000,000.00 Check tonight :) love you bye!

  3. This was not my comment. Ashley has my log in info. Although it is correct info with one exception the $$$$$ are not available at this time. lol Love ya Dad

  4. Oh dad! Can't wait for Christmas!


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