Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's already Wednesday! Halloween is next Monday and then it's already November! WOW! Since having my sweet babies, the time literally seems to be FLYING! Anyways, as always I'm linking up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love to do another What I'm Loving Wednesday! These are fun :)

After a TON of pinning I finally decided I'm loving my hair blonde and plan on adding some bangs at my appt. in mid November.


These are the inspiration for color and cut I'll take with me :)

I'm loving the weather as always. I like the cool evenings and morning and the 70's when the boys want to play outside in the afternoons.

I'm loving that Mr's company has an FRG meeting tomorrow and we're going to start planning stuff! Fun!

I'm loving all the new blogs I'm finding. I find a new blog I LOVE almost everyday! Awesome :)

I'm loving sleep. I've been so tired lately and I'm glad my boys sleep though the night!

Speaking of my boys! I'm loving them as usual :)

Happy Wednesday!

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