Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family Day

Last Saturday we decided to have a family day where we did more than sit around the house :)

We did start off with a little lounging :)  But then we were off to Krispy Kreme's to eat and see how they make those delicious treats.  I forgot to get a picture there.

Golfing was next.  Daddy gave lessons on every hole.  Such a guy!

Action shot!

Landon would have stood by the huge giraffe all day but we made him walk with us :)

Even the little guy got a lesson or two


After golfing we headed out to the backyard to do a little splashing in the baby pool.
Then nap time :)

After nap time we went into town for some frozen yogurt.
 I love it but Chance says it's just glorified low fat ice cream...

Share please!!

It was a fun Saturday.
On another note, the boys have been napping and sleeping each night in their room together wonderfully!
They chat a little when the first lay down, but it's cute!

And now that Landon's old room is now the guest room again, I added my sewing table and machine so I could work on this again.....

Mom's quilt that has been in the making since.....Nov. 2009?  Yikes!
I don't know everything I need to about quilting and I've taken many breaks due to my fear of screwing it up.
I'm adding borders today.  Wish me luck!

"Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it."
Psalm 34:14

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