Friday, August 3, 2012


About two weeks ago (I think) I got the crazy idea one morning that the boys should start sharing a room that day!

We didn't have to move them in together right now.  They did amazing in their own rooms, but we knew eventually we'd want them to share for the bonding and the extra space. :)

So I took the crib apart, moved it into Isaac's room, and put it together again.  Nap time was an hour away by that point in the day.

After laying them down together I quickly realized they were NOT going to get their usual 3 hour nap in giggling and screaming in delight together.  So I tried laying with them for a minute.  Nope.  Didn't work either.  Eventually my 1st trimester exhaustion (my excuse) kicked in and cranky mom came out and made Buddy nap in the guest room so we could all get some rest.

That night we tried them going to sleep at the same time.  Disaster.  Landon was not liking his new arrangement so he was screaming.  Isaac spent the night in the guest room again :(

Then after some prayer from Mom and myself, and a tip from my sister who has boys the same ages as mine who share, I tried putting them down separately.  Hallelujah!!!  Worked like a charm.  They napped and slept at night like this for a few days perfectly.  Then we decided to get crazy a few nights ago and try them going at the same time.

They love it.  They feel safe together.  After a few minutes of talking to each other they are out!  
Now Chance and I are going to enjoy our last few months of sleep before sweet baby 3 comes.

Landon's side

Isaac's side

Their beds were bought at different garage sales, in different states, 3 years apart.  But they match.   AWESOME!

My favorite part of their room is their matching names.  Chance's Mom ordered these for us from his sweet cousin Krissy.
If you're interested in some letters for your home, she has an
Etsy shop!
It's full of tons of cute home goods that you can personalize to your liking!

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