Monday, August 19, 2013


Does anyone know where that word is from?
It's an old word Eskimo women used to calm their children

I use it to make myself laugh when I'm stressed.
The boys have been extra restless lately.  I think it may be the lack of outdoor time the have here at our current house.  There isn't a ton of room inside and the yard is close to a road.  But never fear!  My dad is building us a makeshift fence to use while we live here.  
This verse below really spoke to me the other night.  I had lost my temper with Landon.  Once he was in bed the tears started flowing.  I felt terrible.  So I went to my bible.  Sometimes even after almost 20 years as a Christian, I wonder how God could love me enough to forgive the things I do.  Thankfully He does even when I feel that way.  I should never doubt Him.  He has never forsaken me.  Not even once.  Maybe you'll find a piece of encouragement from these verses.

Here is Hadley and Chance swimming together.  
This picture just melts me!  They have a special bond.

The kids, Nini and I out on a pitch black no street lamp walk with the babies.  Maybe we should leave a little sooner :)

Cleaning out the garage.  We were using some items from the house to make a "do not pass this line" marker.  The road is just a little too close for my comfort.

And I seem to "complain" about this house we are in now.  I don't mean to.  It is a blessing to have a roof over our heads.  Trying to remember that.

Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.
1 John 5:12

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