Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: First Time Meeting {31 Days of My Babies}

I wasn't going to write anything for these, but Isaac's requires a little explanation.  I did technically get to see Isaac as soon as he was born.  He was placed on my chest by my midwife, but he was not making any noise or moving and after I asked, "what is wrong with my baby" he was whisked away to the nursery.  He was born at a rural hospital and was to be air lifted to a children's hospital an hour or so away with a NICU.  We did have a first picture together the night he was born but it was on an old phone my Mom no longer has. (I also don't like seeing the picture because Isaac is in such a sad state).  The helicopter paramedic let me hold Buddy with all of his cords and oxygen for two minutes before he was to leave.  I am forever grateful to that man.  My family and friends stood at the nursery window with tears in their eyes watching me hold my first baby.  
So that is my long little explanation about why this is "our first meeting" since we met a few days earlier than this.

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