Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Blog

Oh this blog!  I read blogs almost every day.  Why can't I post on my own?  I start posts all the time.  I probably have 20 in my draft folder that I just never got the drive to finish.  Then my Dad calls and says, "oh I was just reading your blog and you haven't updated in a while..." and then my "real life" friends start blogging and it gives me the itch.  

I want to remember these things and I'm not scrapbooking or anything so if I don't put them down I'll forget! Why that doesn't motivate me to blog all the time I do not know.  But I have the urge tonight so here goes nothing!

Papa came to visit last week.  We literally count the days from one person's visit to the next.  The pictures tell exactly what we did while Papa was here :)

Buddy's birthday, Halloween, family visiting at Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Years and new baby :)
We have a lot coming up and A LOT to thank God for!

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