Monday, August 11, 2014


Have you ever seen the Dr. Seuss short about Daisy Head Maisy?  Here it is if you want to experience the joy (ha ha).  That's where we got her name from after seeing the clip after a Dr. Seuss movie a few years ago and it sticking in our heads.

This is her right after I picked her up, and she was very nervous.

At first she was very shy and sat in the corner all day.  We actually worried about her at first because she wouldn't eat or drink anything, but that changed after a day or so.

We took her camping the day after we brought her home.  She was really shy during the trip, but also well behaved.

Here she is warming up to Landon on the ride home from the lake.

She loves to sit on our bed, but then again, who wouldn't?
Luckily, she happily sleeps in her kennel.

Isaac seems to really like her.  Now that she's used to us, she is quite excited to see everyone.  She wants to play ALL DAY!  She isn't a small dog and her welcome home jump is powerful, so Hadley doesn't really enjoy seeing her at first.  Disclaimer: we do not leave her alone with the children.  She is sweet, but she is still a dog.  

I know that we are going to have Maisy for a very long time, and I pray she keeps becoming another member of the Fisher family.

In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.
Psalm 119:14

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