Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I love doing these Wednesday posts with Jamie!
Go join in the fun!

I'm loving these three cuties!
Have you seen the pictures on Pinterest where they re-create a photo like 20 years later?  I like this one for that ha ha

Here my dad and Chance are comparing knives.  Men.  
But I'm loving the time they're spending together :)

I'm loving that Isaac has conquered his intense fear of bugs.  
I on the other hand have not. 
Glad I have one more guy to squish them for me :)

Two more days and I'm going to be loving a peaceful weekend here... celebrate (early) 5 years married to this handsome man that I love!

 Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. 5 years!! That's wonderful :) Happy (early) Anniversary!

  2. Happy Early Anniversary!! The picture of the kiddos would be unreal 20 years later lol


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