Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Couches, Houses and Bugs, OH MY!

I like that I can sum up my post with a title before even writing it out :)
Our couches come today. When Mr and I got married his parents were very gracious to give us a large couch and a nice big reclining chair. Since then, 2 babies have been fed there, released different "substances" onto it, slept on it and many a friend and family member has sat there. I'm sitting here looking at the couch from across the room (where we shoved it to make room for the new) and I realize how much I may miss it. Is that silly? Yes, I'm pretty sure it is since I've been whining for a new couch for over a year now. But being my sentimental self I think I may cry when we sell it or drop it somewhere. Isaac loves it. He can take all the cushins off in 5 minutes flat and he loves that. I will miss it because it was our first one as a family (man as I write this I feel ridiculous for missing a couch. But continuing anyways) and I have TONS of pictures of baby Isaac laying on it. As much as I'll miss it, I also don't mind saying goodbye!

We're looking at houses off post in NC. We have one that we sent an application in on. We really like it. Our plan is to live in this house the entire time we're in NC because moving ourselves just isn't in the cards for us.

Bugs. Need I say more? Black widow in here the other day I think I mentioned. The bug man came to spray this morning so hopefully that will last a month before we can get out of here!

A little on "here". When we first moved to the brown, dry, HOT Fort Huachuca I hated it! I hated the hot, the lack of grass, lack of shopping, etc. But now a year has gone by. Our life has changed a lot since we got here. Baby Landon being the biggest change. And I've realized (and maybe Mr has too) that what we want in a town has changed as well. I like it here now because it is small. We have gone to a church that is just like ours from home. Our pastor is funny,, and worship is just great! Sierra Vista, while kind of sketchy at times, is right for us. We love Target (which we hopefully don't live as close to in NC because we love is so much), we love the parks, and the restaurant available. Point of this story that I've drug on about is that we are going to miss parts of this place. But not the bugs. Thats for sure!

Mr reading to his boys!

Mr posing for me Papa and Isaac last summer in Tombstone

Bibi (as Buddy calls him) Landon this morning


  1. Hi Ashley. you sure have a way with words! I am excited that you will be back at home for Easter. Give my grandsons an extra hug from papa Paul.

    Love Dad

  2. Oh yeah give yourself and chance a hug from me also!!!! Dad

  3. I just learned you at Fort Huachuca! I almost took a job there, small world.


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