Friday, March 18, 2011

Love You Monkey

This is what buddy bear said while at the zoo on Wednesday. On the ride up there he kept saying "mokey? touch?" over and over. It was cute of course. The zoo was fun. The animals are close enough to touch. On the way home we got stuck behind a huge accident and spent a good 3 hours just sitting in the car in traffic. Woooonderful. Tomorrow we're going to IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more excited! Hopefully we'll find that the couches we like are up to our standards and cute like the pictures! We shall see. I'm positive so that is good! We're leaving this desert in 32 days! Man I'm stoked.

P.S. I can NOT get blogger to upload pictures. That is half the reason I quit bloggin last time. Any tips from other bloggers? Maybe it is my lame old computer.

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