Monday, March 14, 2011

Pots and Pans

I can't figure out how to get pictures to come at the end so here they are first just some random ones :)
Buddy and Landon
Buddy and one of his Papas

Buddy playing in birdseed and loving it!

Buddy and his dad inside a large truck tire in Bisbee

If you're taking the time to read this you probably already know of my distaste for bugs of any kind. Since November of 2010 our house has been bug free. That happiness ended last week when I found a roach oh about this size ______________________________________ crawling in my utensil drawere. By the time Mr came from the other room to kill it the little booger had ran away. Then just yesterday when I had forgotten about him and could again walk around with no shoes and open drawers without jumping 5 feet in the air, I open the dishwasher to find one crawling on my cups! SO frustrating! Chance came to get it and it jumped on him but finally the thing is gone. I don't appreciate anything that can live through the pots and pans cycle. I hope no one loves bugs and is offended. Roaches and bugs of any kind really are not welcome here and will be killed :) I wish I could get over my fear of them really though. I wish I could kill them myself and then be able to relax after I've seen one. After 22 years of life I still can not do it. Oh well. A goal to strive towards.

Aunt Rayna made it! There were some flight problems because of snow but we made it here eventually (snow in MO not here). Isaac and Landon are gonna have so much fun, as well as us! We love company!

My best friend is getting married in 82 days! I've always been excited but now I'm planning the trip home for it and putting other things together and I just can't wait. I'm so happy for her and her guy and it makes me feel all grown up ha ha. Now to work on that baby situation.....

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  1. baby situation????? ummm that may have to wait a couple of years ish lol but when they do get here, they will call you auntie ash can. muah ha ha ha ha


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