Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Only 28 days until we blow this popsicle stand! WOOHOO! Ok. I'm kind of excited. We're in the process of searching for houses right now. We have a very nice friend now in NC willing to look at them for us which is such a blessing. All we need to is get the house ready to move and set up all the moving stuff. I make that sound like a small job. We shall see.

I feel like maybe my mother is the only one who reads this and when I think that way I don't want to write anything because she probably already knows everything I write. Love ya mom! :)

I'm going to sitck with this even if I can't get pictures up. There is always facebook for that. What I don't understand is how easy it looks for everyone else. Some people post pics everyday and I love that. That is half the reason I love reading their blogs. Speaking of blogs (as I have been so far this entire post), I have found so many christian woman bloggers through this. I absolutely love reading what they have to say and hearing their encouraging words. Most of them are moms too and they help me feel real and human.

Landon is an angel. I hope he stays this way forever! Perhaps Landon and Isaac will be polar opposites personality wise. Isaac is an angel too. Just the kind of angel that is 2 years old :) I sometimes forget that he is just a little guy and doesn't truly want to drive his mommy crazy. I love my sweet babies. They're my world and I'm not sure what I would do all day without diapers to change and kiddos to read books to. Praying the next few months aren't too hard on them with all the car rides and moving.

Mr only has 2 1/2 weeks of real class left and then a two day week which includes graduation! I'm so proud of him. He is one of the only (or the only one maybe) with kids in his class. Most people are either single or came here without their family. So when he gets home from class he can't just do homework and then go to bed. He spends time with his babies and me of course ha ha and then does homework. We'll all be veeeeery glad when this class is over. It has been a trip for sure :)


  1. Hey Ash! Just thought I would post and say that not just your mom is reading your blog, lol. Good luck with the move. It'll be challenging but you can do it!

  2. Hey Ashley! Thanks for stopping in at my blog :) I LOVE "meeting" other army wives, especially Christians :)


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